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It appears that the what() function is a member of the <exception> class. I have seen several other exceptions classes simply inherits the exeception class and then overrides the what() as virtual what().
But I have seen  the docs of the std. <exception> template functions and I do not see a what() there.
Anyone knows if what() is really a member of the <exception> OR is it inherits from some other class?.

I am coming from a Java background and writing some C++ code. One thing....Nothing to beat Javadocs style Java documemtation. C++ is no where near. Sorry. I am not bashing.

I home someone will point me to some place on the web or throw his/her two cents on this.

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The what function is a member of the std::exception class declared in the <exception> header file.  This is specified in section 18.6.1 of the C++ standard.  The function is declared like this:

virtual const char* what() const throw();

You can read about it in this tutorial:


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> Nothing to beat Javadocs style Java documemtation

Agreed. C++ has a poor cousin of Javadoc called Doxygen, but I've yet to see it applied to the standard libraries. If it was adopted in the drafting of the C++ standard, it might be more widley used in standard library implementations and indeed 3rd party libraries, but the standard was drafted by a committee and it took long enough to draft without needing to reach a concensus about documentation.
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