How to set FastReport3 query parameter in code

I have been testing FastReports3 and have everything working.  I have an ADOQuery adding INSIDE the report with a Parameter in the query string of :EnrollmentRID

I captured the OnBeforePrint and searched for the parameter.  I foundit and set it, but the report uses the default parameter that I added in design mode and ignores the parameter that I set.

Is there another place where I am supposed to do this?  or does anyone see something wrong with my code.

I go through all of the datasetas and check all of the parameters for each dataset against all of the possible parameters.

procedure TdmData.frxRptBeforePrint(Sender: TfrxReportComponent);
    sl          : TStringlist;
    ndx         : Integer;
    frxDS       : TFrxDataset;
    qry         : TADOQuery;
    ParamNdx    : Integer;
    ParamName   : String;

    //go through all of the queries and set the parameters -- check each query for
    //all possible parameters

    sl := TStringlist.Create;
        for ndx :=  0 to sl.count-1 do begin
            frxDS := frxRpt.GetDataset(sl[ndx]);

            qry := TADOQUery(TFrxDBDataset(frxDS).DataSet);
            for ParamNdx := 0 to qry.Parameters.Count-1 do begin
                ParamName := UPPERCASE(qry.Parameters.Items[ParamNdx].Name);

                if ParamName='PARTICIPANTRID' then
                    qry.Parameters.Items[ParamNdx].Value := fParticipantRID
                else if ParamName='ENROLLMENTRID' then
                    qry.Parameters.Items[ParamNdx].Value := fEnrollmentRID
                else if ParamName='VOUCHERRID' then
                    qry.Parameters.Items[ParamNdx].Value := fVOUCHERRID
                else if ParamName='SERVICERID' then
                    qry.Parameters.Items[ParamNdx].Value := fSERVICERID
                else if ParamName='FOLLOWUPRID' then
                    qry.Parameters.Items[ParamNdx].Value := fFOLLOWUPRID;


Kyle FosterCEOAsked:
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could it be, that the datasets are already open, before u set the parameters?
Kyle FosterCEOAuthor Commented:
I already checked that and active was set to false.

I found the solution myself.  Here it is if anyone is interested.

1--> Inside a FastReport3 .fr3 file you add a variable through the designer.  I added my sql parameter 'EnrollmentRID' and set it to 0.
2--> IN the TFrxADOQuery components Params editor I set the param value to <EnrollmentRID> which ties it to the variable defined in step 1 above.
3--> The fastreports TFrxReport component has an event 'ongetvalue' that is called once for each variable in the report prior to the report running the queries with parameters (Const VariableName:String;var Value:Variant).  So I simply checked the variable name and if it is 'EnrollmentRID' i set Value := fEnrollmentRID;
4-->  It Worked!

I have used Crystal Reports and Rave Reports extensively for years.  I was led to check out FastReports3 which is Delphi Based a couple of weeks ago through another question on Experts Exchange and as a Delphi Developer it is the MOST complete and flexible tool that I have seen.  Awsome!

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very interesting, didn't have FastReports3, but guess i should do a look to it

meikl ;-)
Kyle FosterCEOAuthor Commented:
thats fine
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