Can't get on to Linksys router


I disable DHCP on a Linksys router.  Now I can't get on to the router.  How can I give the router an ip address?

Thank you
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If all else fails, do a factory reset of the router... (depending on your model) you hold down the reset button on the back for 15 seconds and the router should reset and come up brand new (with DHCP enabled). You will then have to re-enter everything again.
Hi holyman1,

are you still getting internet? you will need to http:// to the gateway addres, grab it from one of your clients

tpically the default IP if you havent changed is either  .1 or .254   just set a client manually

holyman1Author Commented:
After trying ipconfig /renew I get the following message:

An error occured whilte renewing interfaces Local Area Connection: Unable to contact your DHCP server.  
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holyman1Author Commented:
I have a computer connected to the router but the router is not connected to the internet.  How can I get onto the router?
You need to statically assign yourself an IP and then access the router using the same address.

Here is a good guide to showing your current IP address and setting a new one.

Check your IP address first using "ipconfig /all". If you have one that isnt or 169.x.x.x please post it here. If you have one of these then statically assign it using the methof on that same page. Use these settings:

Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:

You should then be able to access the router using in a browser.

conradie is correct.......

You don't necessarily need a gateway config on your computer, it wont hurt......however if you disable DHCP from the Linksys where is DHCP coming from?...I assume a server of sorts, so to make things easy set the LAN settings on the Linksys to your current IP assign an IP (from your stack) to the LAN part of the linksys...then disable DHCP.

thats what i was mentioning above, - you need to manually assign an address within range....
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