filemaker 8 on sbs 2003?

Hello everyone

Just wanted to know if this is alright..
sbs 2003 std, the client wants to put a small db on the same server box
is there any know issues or is this "safe" from a sbs 2003 point of view.
the fm8 may also be publishing so pages online hence the need to put it on the box and not just a workstation on the LAN. as no more then 3 admins will be using this db at any one time..

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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
There are many resources for SharePoint out there... as with ANY Microsoft product you should really start at their Product Information page because it has links to lots of good resources --- espeically to the product's "community page" where you'll find blogs, links, tips, etc.

What they are trying to do would be simple with SharePoint... but what I'm thinking would be better than vendors logging in, is if an Excel spreadsheet was created for them to fill out and send in.  Excel spread sheets can be dynamically linked to SharePoint lists.  Since your question was about FileMaker though... I'd suggest that you get familiarized with the product and then post any questions you have to the SharePoint Topic Area.

Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
I have one SBS installation that has FileMaker installed on it and it's been problematic from the start.  It's not FM8, though, it's Filemaker Server 5.5 with Filemaker 7 clients. But, it does work.  The only reason it's being used is because the business owner was talked into a POS system that only works with Filemaker.  Otherwise I'd avoid it.

I would wonder though what they are using it for?  Because for the most part, many things that folks have used filemaker for in the past can be done in SharePoint, which is included with SBS.

ArtureAuthor Commented:
Honestly Jeff I couldn't agree with you more. unless of course the db was very custom to the business. I do have a few clients that run their whole business with fm pro. and it works great for them.
in this case the purpose is extremly ease, it was for a simple quote analysis db. to review and decide which supplier will offer the best price for product / servcie based on Quantity.
I am very new to the MS family of products (granted I'd never use access, too many other choices) can you please refer some usefull resources regarding sharepoints and how to really take advantage. the little i have read about and seen  seems great.
For i.e. it would be amazing if these suppliers could log on to the sharepoint site and go to a page where they just fill in the particulars and the owners could make decsions very easily. right now they fax info in and it has to be manually inputted.

with graditude

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