Security Question

Hey Experts,

I have a question about security here.
Here is a little background:

I have a dedicated server with 1 dedicated IP address.
I run one website from that server

Ok. (main domain) (alias domain) (alias domain)

^ they are my domains (examples)

I have turned on VIRTUAL HOSTS in apache, and have these settings:

<VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot /home/xxx/public_html
ServerName localhost
# Other directives here

<VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot /home/phpmyadmin/public_html
ServerName phpmyadmin
# Other directives here

Now in the servers HOSTS file I have added: phpmyadmin

Which means if at home, I point my HOSTS file to my server IP.
If I open:
It loads my server, and it loads the phpmyadmin/public_html
(which is PHPMYADMIN of course)

All of the real domains and alias domains work great, they point to xxxx/public_html

How secure is this? (I have got different values, I don't use "phpmyadmin" etc...)
Can someone query my Apache and get a list of all my hosts/virtual hosts?
As far as I know, unless they know what the "ServerName" is - they WONT be able to load it, apache will assume Localhost.
I dont know if this is a common method for doing things...
I kind of just stumbled across it when configuring Apache and liked it, so I stuck with it.

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This is what's called "security by obscurity". No, there is no way to query and get all your hosts and virtual hosts. However, consider how much time would it take for someone who knows you and possibly your servers and who finds this question of yours while googling you up to put 2 and 2 together? :))

There is however is a much better way to secure your virtualhost - with passwords;)


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neesterAuthor Commented:
Yeah I have already passworded it with htpasswd etc...

But yeah - thanks!
I was really just wondering if apache ever gave information about the virtual hosts etc.

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