stumped about moving profiles?


Ok in short I need to redirect the following to the server
and of course documents.

i have read several articles on how to do this however
It seems the documents folders for all the users are already on the server? Is this normal for a standard sbs 2k3 setup?
If so do i redirect the other items ( desktop and profiles) to these user folders on the server or create new folders with their names etc. also where is it better to have these folder on the servers system drive or their data drive?? are there any other things to consider i.e. sync issues etc.

the aim in this network is to have anybody connect to any machine, log in and get right to work with all their settings and stuff in place.  
any other suggestion or points i may have missed please advise it's all appriciated.

thank you
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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
It is normal, and suggested that you redirect the My Documents folder to the server on an SBS.  You would do this with the redirection wizard found in Server Management Console > Users.

You should also know that Outlook is automatically configured on any machine a user logs into.

But if you want true roaming profiles... then you need to follow the Roaming Profiles section of

ArtureAuthor Commented:
Ok Jeff thanks for the clerification, as it seems this server has defaulted and the My documents have been forwarded already. when i'v run the wizard the option to direct them to the server is already grey and can't be chosen.
I suspected as much with Outlook but just for the sake of being sure how would i manually check that all the email is being kept on the server and not on the workstations?? (there is a larger job coming up and the thought of running around to 30+ machines!)

I will immidiatley check out the link


Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Are you sure that the option is grayed out?  There are three options on the wizard.
1. Redirect all My Documents folders to the default shared folder for users on the Small Business Server
2. Redirect all My Documents folders to a network folder (for which the BOX is grayed out because you haven't selected this item)
3. Do not redirect My Documents folders.

You should be able to choose the first option whether or not it's been run before.  If you clicked on the second option it would "un-gray" it. But you don't want that option anyhow... since you want to use the SBS's folder.

As for email... this is an Exchange Server environment.  All email is ALWAYS kept on the server, and with Outlook 2003, it's cached locally as well.  It doesn't matter whether a user logs into a workstation or uses Outlook Web Access from across the world, they would see the same mailbox.

I'd suggest that you get a better understanding of SBS's complete package and how all of it's components work.  A good place to start is

ArtureAuthor Commented:
Good morning Jeff

Again!! my hats off to you. thanks for the link, assistance, and patiences! it's rather challenging when you understand part of the puzzel but can't see how the whole is connected. I'v been able todo certain parts with extreme ease and dispite the serveral books i got on sbs 2003 it has been all little conveluded especially from an enterprise / unix background. your advise is very much appreciated.


what's the best way to get certified for sbs 2003??
Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Certification for SBS is Exam 70-282.

And my recommendation for the best book is Harry Brelsford's SBS Best Practices:

He also co-authored a study guide for 70-282 which I'm sure you'll find on that page linked above.


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