File and Settings Transfer Wizard - Oh My God!

I'm a poor pitiful soul, who used the Microsoft FAST method to back up my files.  Here's my dilemma.  The source drive has been formatted.  The FAST files must be corrupt because I get the standard message "the location you specified does not contain store information" error.  
I have 8 files in the directory USMT2.UNC
All the DAT files are 2GB except for 8 which is 783MB.
I've researched this thing until I'm blue in the face.   I found the fastconv utility, but not matter what I do, I get the same error.  
Error         Source store is invalid. [ERROR=13 (Dh)
A few questions -
1) Any ideas?  I'm up the creek without a paddle if I can't get these restored.  
2) Any service out there like ONTRACK that can access the data in these files.  If it's not too expensive, I'd consider it.
3) Any other utilities besides fastconv that might work.
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first you need to look at getdataback -- -- their software should be able to recover the files on the system that are supposedly "not there", and once you get them back, you will have to use the same program to uncompress them that made those files in the first place.  In future, NEVER NEVER NEVER trust your important data to any microsoft technology.  The whole microsoft mantra is if anything goes wrong, make the user reinstall from scratch, and too bad if he loses everything.  The are the most irresponsible company in the world for the security of a users data -- trust anyone but microsoft, you have a much better chance of recovering your data than their worthless tools.
Nick DennyCommented:
OnTrack Easy Recovery Pro is an excellent tool for recovering data from formatted drives.

We have used it successfully countless times - although have had a few failures too.

However, its not cheap.
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nobusbiljart fanCommented:
Maybe this can help :

and this is why i don't use fast, backup in a well known format, like zip if you want to compress, or copy without compression, since disk space is not really a matter
dgrowAuthor Commented:
I've already looked at Ontrack's utility and it doesn't get much.  The drive was formatted twice and reloaded with the OS and fully patched.  So, the files it is recovering are minimal.

As stated earlier, I've tried fast, but I get a source store is invalid error.  If someone can help me get that run, I'd crown you as guru of gurus.

I've contacted Ontrack and they want $100 to evaluate and an estimated $400-1100 to recover.  Well, unless I hit the mega-millions jackpot tonight, that's not going to happen.

I've got to imagine that someone in the world has been in the same boat and at least retrieved some data.  If I could just get some of it back, it would be good.



Sad in Atlanta

nobusbiljart fanCommented:
you can at least try gillmore, they are cheaper, and work on a no cure no pay base      
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