I'm trying to make a bootable CD-ROM with MKISOFS
mkisofs  -o /tmp/cd.iso  -b /tmp/boot.img /temp/w2k3sp1/

but it just tells me  
mkisofs: Uh oh, I cant find the boot image '/temp/boot.img' !

Maybe it's a problem with the boot image.  Is their another way I can extract the boot.img from a bottable CD-ROM?
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Duncan RoeSoftware DeveloperCommented:
It's claiming you don't have a file /tmp/boot.img. Did you make that file first?
For instructions on how to make your CD an resources to do so, take a look at
ibu1System AdministratorCommented:
Do this exactly
#mkbootdisk --iso --device bootdisk.iso 2.4.21-4.ELsmp

2.4.21-4 is assumed as your kernel version.Replace it with your kernel version.
Now this will make bootdisk.iso at your current working directory.I assumed it as tmp directory
After this burn the image on the disk
#cdrecord -v speed=2 dev=0,0,0 -data /tmp/bootdisk.iso

Best of luck
Marketing_InsistsAuthor Commented:
I had a boot.img, but I guess I extracted it from another CD the wrong way.  ibu1 looks interesting, but I'm on cygwin where mkbootdisk isn't available, so I can't try it :-/
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