Automaticly startup pc when it receives power

i bought 3 computers, one of them will start up as soon as it gets powers,i sold this computer. I now want to enable another computer to do what this computer did.  I want the computer to start up once it receives power?
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it had a problem.
this can be done without breaking the computer like the other one. We must deactivate the onboard power on switch passing by it.
First of all take out the power cable.
Assuming you have ATX power supply, find the connector that plugs into the MB and pull out the green wire that lead to pin 14 to the connector. If you can't, cut it and isolate the ending from the MB. The other one from the PS lead it to the ground and fix it there, make an electric solder.
Now when you plug in the power cable the PC must start up.
JohnnastyAuthor Commented:
surely there is an easier way?
there is another way but it depends by the MB circuit design.
it surely would take more time, and need to have it.
Even so can not know if i'll have access to the electronic bistable switch that powers on/off the PS.

Why you ask, want to do that, if so why, maybe i'll find a use too?
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Unless your BIOS support it (I think only the really old ones have self power that way), the only way is tampering with the hardware, and unless you're familiar with the mainboard, Visual3DMaya has the best solution. You could use a pin to connect a switch too, but we need to look at the mainboard itself :(

First, just try looking at the BIOS setting. Maybe you'll get lucky.
JohnnastyAuthor Commented:
well the other pc's didnt appear to have anything wrong with them
JohnnastyAuthor Commented:
why do i want it to do that? i want to set the pc up as an internet gateway without keeping the computer on all the time and without the user needing to physicly turn it on
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
This should be simple.   Look in your BIOS Setup routine under Power options.   There should be three options for what to do when the system receives power:  (1)  turn on;  (2)  last state;  (3)  stay off.   This is designed to if a computer loses power (i.e. a power failure) it will do whichever one of the three options you want.

... Just set it to turn on and it will do what you've suggested.

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JohnnastyAuthor Commented:
solution: the pc will never be correctly shut down, just turned off at the power point! so i setup the pc to resume on power failure :)
Congr! garycase, i learned something useful :)
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