Set user permission to have right to create mail-enable account

Dear All,

Can I know how can I set the minimum permission to have right to create mail-enable account.

I have root AD called, child dc called (installed exchange2003 server), and installed ESM) 's mail accoount store in 's exchange server, now I would like to assign permission to some domain user to have minimum permission to create mail enable account.

When I create mail-enable account, I have no choice in "mail store"  option except root administrator. What permission I need to set to that user?

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The user will probably need Exchange Administrator rights (Delegate in Exchange System Manager).
Then delegate rights through Exchange System Manager. Right click on the domain in ADUC and choose Delegate Control. You will need to setup a custom control and then grant the rights as required. You may have to play with different combinations of the permissions to get the rights that you want.

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