windows xp with a 2wire dsl 1701hg router need to connect CNC milling machine to network with a certain ip address for file server?

I am fairly new to networking and setting ip addresses. We have a cnc router that looks for a file on a computer using the ip address, then opens a user account and finds a file then you can upload that file from the cnc router(Computer navigated control milling machine for wood) from that computer. However what I would like to do is set up a network using the 2wire 1701hg dsl router from sbc that I can still use the ip adress of for a file server (yellow machine) and set all the ip adresses of the other computers, and still be connected thru to the internet. I belive the cnc machine has the ip of How the hell do I do this?
right now I have to unplug a computer from the network and directly connect the router to that computer and change the computer's IP properties from automatic to  I would like to not to ever have to uplug and replug. additional coment. ok so how do I connect the 'cnc router' to the yellow machine basically thru the
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LOL - two different kinds of "router" being discussed here!
I've done CNC, so I know you mean "cnc router" as a cutting tool, not a network tool !!
BTW - CNC stands for "computer numeric control", not "navigated".

OK, here is the deal:
It sounds like the file server ("yellow machine") has a fixed IP address of already, that could be a problem since sometimes network devices like to reserve the address ending in ".1" for themselves.

Hmm, clarification needed from you here - you say that the CNC machine has an address of, but that is not in the same range as the file server.  (WIth these types of addresses, the ranges you are mentioning would be through, and through  I can explain that if you like.)
So, is the file server on a different branch of the network than the CNC machine?  Question: why do you want the CNC machine segement of the network to be able to use a DSL line - can't you reach the internet through the network that the server is usually on? Heck, why do you want the CNC machine to be able to connect to the internet at all?

You will need to get into the administrative interface of the 2wire in order to see if you can set its address to something other than ending in ".1", not sure if you can.  It would be easier if you could get the CNC machine to look for a different address, basically anything other than ".1".
Then tell the 2wire device to use the network "" for the internal network.

That should do it - although getting the 2wire to accept these things could be a problem.
Ask if you need clarification.

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