Retrospect Catalogs created on a Mac, are they readable using Retrospect for Windows client

I have 11gb of backup catalogs created on a Macintosh.  The catalogs are of Mac and NT machines over a period of time.  I have a copy of Retrospect for Mac and can read the catalogs fine.  Will the catalogs also be readable using the Retrospect Windows client software?   I have multiple persons that need to review the catalogs and currently I only have one Mac computer.  I had hoped to use the Windows Retrospect clien  software but am unable to open the files.  I have copied the files from the Mac to a USB external hard drive.  When opening the directories on a Windows XP laptop, no extensions appear on the backup files.  

Any help is appreciated.   There must be a workaround of some sort.
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The manufacturers of Retrospect have their own Retrsospect support forum. If you don't get an answer here, I suggest you try:
Retrospect for Windows client is only for Retrospect to access the files on a Windows computer without using Windows file sharing. It doesn't give the Windows computer any "terminal" functions. You must use the Retrospect application to access the backup sets.

For instance, I use the Windows client to backup my Windows workstation hard drives which are not shared to tape on my Macintosh backup station running Retrospect Workgroup. I also use Macintosh client to backup my Macintosh workstation hard drives which are not shared. But I use Windows file sharing to backup my job files which are stored on my Windows 2000 Server to the same tape on my Macintosh backup station. These files are already in a shared folder.
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