Macintosh OSX cannot work with data on Server drive

Two graphic designers have the only Macs is this company and they have full control on the server files, but cant work on them. They have to copy the file to their desktop then work on them, save them, and then replace the file on the server. Shouldnt we be able to just open up a file on the Server.

When we browse the file on the server and click to open it, it gives us the File not found.
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technically,  you should be able to work directly on the server.

what server do you have (machine, os, ...), and what kind of network (10, 100, 1000 baseT) ?

i would keep doing what they already do. this way you always have a back up of the file on the server if it gets corrupted. and your  graphic designers might waits a fair amount of time for the network. working with big files over a network can sometime be a pain.
Agreed.  Just curious.  If they browse from within they application.  Go to file, open and select the file, will it open then?
Actually, that may not be a bad way to go, depending on the program and network speed and all.  Two people can probably not step on each others' toes by working on the same file at the same time.

If what they are double-clicking in the Finder is an alias and the system can't find the original that could be the cause.

I would check that the Mac hard drives don't have the same name as the server drive.  

If the server drive is formatted to a non-mac format (FAT32 or other PC format), then I suppose there could be a problem keeping up with the resource forks in a file.

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what kind of server do you have? Windows NT? Active Directory?
and what version of the os do the apple machines run?

please tell us a little more and we can help you much better

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