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Hi all.  I have the following setfocus script that runs perfect but I have one hitch.  There is a control file in my application that already has an window.onload event.  So what is happening is that onload is getting overwritten by the unload call in this function.  How can I get this function to load and not screw up my other function somehow any idea?  I cant mess with that other onload function because it is menu specific.  So I need to somehow get this code to fire as well.  I call this setfocus in my itemdatabound and it works it just causes issue to my menu onload.  As you can see there is a line calling the onload here outside the function brackets.

            protected static void SetFocus(Control control)
                  StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
                  sb.Append("\r\n<script language='JavaScript'>\r\n");
                  sb.Append("function SetFocus()\r\n");
                  Control p = control.Parent;
                  while (!(p is System.Web.UI.HtmlControls.HtmlForm)) p = p.Parent;
                  sb.Append("window.onload = SetFocus;\r\n");
                  sb.Append("// -->\r\n");
                  control.Page.RegisterClientScriptBlock("SetFocus", sb.ToString());
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Instead of RegisterClientScriptBlock, did you try using RegisterStartupScript.

Also the key registered can be checked for the uniqueness.

Compare your code with given sample in following Link

sbornstein2Author Commented:
SystemExpert what am I am comparing this with on that stuff?
sbornstein2Author Commented:
deepaknet just tried that and no dice same problem
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