Can i use a system.drawing.point to store 2 doubles?

See code on this link:

Lat longs need doubles.... can i use this code with doubles? It seems point needs int as arguments.



copy of the code:
// Define our two points
Point p1 = new Point(73, 40); // 73 degrees west 40 degrees north (New York City)
Point p2 = new Point(-6, 50); // 6 degrees east and 50 degrees north (Cologne)

double DegToRadFactor = (Math.PI / 180);
double RadiusOfTheEarth = 3959; /// Radius of the earth in miles (can also be 6371 kilometers)

/// Math.Cos just use radiants, instead of degrees, so calculate the rad's
double p1X = p1.X * DegToRadFactor;
double p1Y = p1.Y * DegToRadFactor;
double p2X = p2.X * DegToRadFactor;
double p2Y = p2.Y * DegToRadFactor;
double der = Math.Cos(p1Y) * Math.Cos(p2Y) * Math.Cos(p2X - p1X) + Math.Sin(p1Y) * Math.Sin(p2Y);
/// Calculate Distance
double distance = Math.Acos(der) * RadiusOfTheEarth;

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please try the PointF structure

PointF p1 = new PointF(73.11, 40.2332);


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Cast integer to double. I guess p1Y is p1.Y, so you need:

double der = Math.Cos((double)p1.Y) * Math.Cos((double)p2.Y) * Math.Cos((double)p2.X - (double)p1.X) + Math.Sin((double)p1.Y) * Math.Sin((double)p2.Y);
verintsupportAuthor Commented:
is there any point structure in 3d?

(x,y,z) all in double?

Oops, ignore my post.
Mike TomlinsonMiddle School Assistant TeacherCommented:
You can define your own struct...

        private struct Point3D
            public double x;
            public double y;
            public double z;

        private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            Point3D p;
            p.x = 73.11;
            p.y = 40.2332;
            p.z = 115.233;
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