Error Message: Windows cannot find C:\windows\rundll32.exe

Hi Guys,

We've one machine running on Windows ME. It works fine until this morning. A pop up windows saying "Windows cannot find C:\windows\rundll32.exe You may have type the name incorrectly in the Run dialog" when I tried to access any programs inside control panel. May I know how to fix this problem? Thanks in advance.
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You have to run the Windows Repair Tool from the CD to fix this one mate

you might get away with a

SFC /scannow

Start - Run - sfc /scannow (with Windows CD in drive)

But i pretty sure the only fix is a Repair Windows
Could you please let me know exactly what you have done, for example are you trying to run a program or installer from the run cmd?
Did you change any profiles or delete anything?

I think we better check if you have any spyware first
Please download HijackThis 1.99.1

Open Hijackthis, click  scan and save a logfile
then navigate to programfiles hijackthis folder and copy out the log file
 contents and paste the log here 

 click "Analyse", "Save". at the very bottom of this page..  
Copy the address/url and post a link to the saved list here.
Then please>
Run a disc cleanup as well, at start all programs accessories system tools. This is important too it iwll remove a lot of files from temp and internet explorer.

Your other optiuons after we have confirmed no malware,

is to run a chkdsk /r you will have to set the bios ot boot from xpcd, put the xpcd in the rom press f10 to save and exite bios, reboot press any key to start setup, then choose R for recovery, once windows loads the device drivers, when it asks which windows and you can see the C drive, use this cmd prompt and type in chkdsk /r press enter
once it finishes.
take out the xpcd
type in exit and press enter windows will reboot.
This may or may not fix your problem as I donot know all the information.

Check the windows\system32 directory to verify that the file rundll32.exe is still there.  If not, there are probably places to download the file or even re-copy it off the cd or another machine you have.

 As far as the file itself, it permits .dll files to run as executables.

There is also a virus running around named rundll32.exe.  The only copy of the file should be located in the Windows\System32 folder.  If you have any more instances of the file, they should be removed.
He is running ME,not XP.
There is no chkdsk, only scandisk.
Boot into safe mode(CTL key while booting),command prompt from the menu and run scandisk to see if you have any disk issues.

If that doesn't work ,you'll need to do this:

Rundll32.exe is contained in WIN_17.CAB of the Win
Me cab set and can be restored using MSConfig | General | Extract File ...
and following the prompts.
The "cab" files are in the Win9x folder on the
Win Me CD and also in either the C:\Windows\Options\Cabs or
C:\Windows\Options\Install, which depends on the media from which Win Me
was installed.
See MS KB129605 - "HOW TO: Extract Original Compressed
Windows Files"


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hey wait on, chkdsk has been available since windows 3.10.  Who said there is no chkdsk !!!!

Second, the RUNDLL error in windows ME relates to the DLL or app that is CALLING rundll, not that program itself, so you have to find out what program you ran just before the error, and IT was calling a module that called RUNDLL to load it.  So NO, rundll is not the problem here, it is the PROGRAM you ran that called on RUNDLL to open a dll library or linked program module.  If it cannot find rundll.exe it is simply that the path is lost to C:\windows, or else you have a VIRUS!!  DO A VIRUS SCAN ! !!
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