Changing OS Language / Upgrade to XP

I have an old laptop with Windows 98 installed in French language. Following are the specifications:

Make: Packard Bell NEC
External CD ROM (USB)
OS: Windows 98 (I am not sure if it is SE or not) French
Free Space: 1.9GB

I want to do the following on this laptop:

1. Change the OS Language to English (I do NOT have Win 98 installable CD anymore)
How can I do this?


2. Install Windows XP. For this, I have the following doubts:
- When I try to upgrade to XP from the XP Installable CD, it says that since the existing OS language is not English, update is not available from this CD
- Is my laptop good for XP installation (based on its configuration)

Thank you for your help.
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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented: need an English version of Windows 98 and will have to purchase a valid copy

#2 your system needs more least 256 to run 1 application..512mb is more appropriate.. the CPU is not powerful enough and when you fully install Windows XP, you will need at least 1.5gig of hardrive space.

the best solution is to get a copy of Windows 98 English version.

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anshulguptaAuthor Commented:
If I buy Windows 98 English version, will I have to ..

REINSTALL Windows 98


Will I be able to change the language in the EXISTING INSTALLATION with some setup program?

Thank you for your feedback.
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
If your desktop is completely in French.. you can try this..

go to CONTROL PANEL - REGION & LANGUAGE, change to English.  Does it change enough of the Operating System so that you can manage to run your applications?

If not then. Reinstall Windows 98
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anshulguptaAuthor Commented:
Oh, all that I have already tried. It just changes regional settings, good enough for day to day work. But when I have to install some programs or say a new USB driver, all instructions are in French.

I guess, I have to go for reinstallation of Windows 98 English version.

Thanks for your quick responses, anyway.
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
you're welcome.
I take it you need to keep the data on the laptop? If not then you could go for a fresh install of XP rather than an upgrade. This would solve your problem
anshulguptaAuthor Commented:
No, I do not need to keep any data. But my doubt is whether with the configuration of my laptop, will XP run well?

IRWINPKS suggests not to go for XP with this configuration. What do you think?
Also very strongly advice NOT to install XP.
I think it might just be possible to install it, but if it can be done it's stretching the limits.
I installed it with office 97 and old MacAfee on a 4GB, 128MB, 400MHz machine.
This works ok but slow. Harddisk has about 1.5GB free after installation. Empty Windows uses 100MB.
With 64MB if XP accepts this you'll be swapping like crazy.

Win2000 might be a slightly better option but will also swap a lot.
Even for Linux you need to choose a desktop that uses few resources when you only got 64MB.

-Is the CPU simular to Pentium II 400MHz or better?
-Does it accept sdram? Buy 2nd hand at least 64MB extra.
-Can you get at least 3GB free HD space?
Then you can install XP but as said, it's slow.
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