Sending Commands to Device via Hyperterminal

Hi, I am trying to send a command to a serial Com device via hyperterminal...
i am given the datastring format in this format...

<STX><POL><5 Bytes Ascii><SPACE><PCS><CR><LF>

where STX is chr$(2)
POL is chr(43)
5 byte of ASCII Data
SPACE is chr$(32)
PCS are 3 bytes Ascii data - CHR(80) + chr(67) + chr(83)
CR is Chr(13)
LF is chr(10)

So how am i going to  input the above data into the hyperterminal? Should i start by entering STX+12345 PCSCRLF ??
can anyone provide a step by step for this?  i have not used the hyperterminal before...just be able to send some data in the right form is a big step for me.
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You can send control characters using the Ctrl key and the letter, or by using the Alt key and the numeric pad:

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Depending on what this string is supposed to do and if you are into a "dialogue" with the device in question, it might be an option to create a file with the required contents and send it to the COM port.

copy weirdfile.txt com1 <Enter>

or something like that....
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