Advise required on Data Entry Jobs

Hello Friends,

I have come accross so many sites offering "work@home" data entry jobs promiseing $300 - $600 earnings per week. Can anybody tell me how genuine are these guys. Is there any suggestion by anybody for online data entry jobs.

thanks and Regards

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Thibault St john Cholmondeley-ffeatherstonehaugh the 2ndCommented:
Read everything they are offering you carefully. My wife looked for a while for audiotyping work she could do at home. The site sounded genuine, they send you a tape and you transcribe it and send it back - easy.... but, you needed 'special' transcribing software to do the job, and a tape player. They would supply both of these to you at you own cost, then you joined a queue of unknown length to wait for them to send you work. I'm guessing, but I would assume that only the top few on this list ever received work as they have proved themselves able so there would be no reason to try out any of the other hopefuls - certainly not in a rotating order so as to share the work around. Cost to you - One unreturnable machine and some software that is of no other use. Gain... well if you get work then probably ok.
My feeling was that if they wanted work done and they were a genuine company then they could supply the machine for free, or maybe let you pay off a loan from your first few assignments. We didn't take it any further.

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Most of the guys are not genuine.
They mostly tell you to do some work that needs illegal software to complete which you are left to download or which takes ages.
Like RobinD suggested, look at everything they are offering you and the conditions.
They might just give you some work that involves buying software at your cost to complete and eventually you don't actually gain much at all.

Matt LynchSystem AdministratorCommented:
I've worked for Cypher Services while I was unemployeed.  The work is easy but tedious.  Getting in can be difficult as well.  Basically you take scanned files and enter in keywords, people, places, whatever the client wants, to make a searchable database.  You get paid by the job and most jobs take 30-45mins to complete.  They provide the software you need and you can accept the jobs as they come along.  I had no problem getting paid, but I was also never able to make a lot of money.  Once you get good you could make equivalent of $8 - $10 a hour.  But at least its the real deal.

if you have any questions related to specifics of the work you can contact me through my website:

Good luck.
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As bk_jreinstein mentioned most of the work at home and telecommute stuff on the net are scams designed to sell you lists or software.

Here is a good article on the subject;

and here is one of the only sites I have fond that has credible listings, although they charge for some of them;

firstwareAuthor Commented:
Any reviews on Indian sites offering Data Entry and such jobs??

Thanks in Advance

How about this ? Go there and type data entry. You'll get a list of jobs available in India. 
I would suggest a 3 way split- bk_jreinstein, arthurjb, RobinD

559624's comment was good but firstware wanted Indian sites offering data entry jobs. :)
I would suggest the same if I had points.
But with 50 points only it can be only 2 ways split...
Oh, yes of course. I personally feel that the 3 answers are good but I think I'll lave it to you to decide which 2 of us get it because I don't want to pass any unfriendly comments.
firstwareAuthor Commented:
Though I didnt get any "Indianised" solution or suggestion the answers were really insightful. Searching MonsterIndia for Data Entry jobs only returns office jobs.

Thanks once again and sorry for the delay.

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