Database explorer in eclipse

Hi experts,

I m trying to connect to MySQL using Database Explorer in Eclipse.
I have Eclipse Version: 3.1.0.

I have made all the connections and the connection was successful.
But i m not able to browse the database.

When i finish giving all the connection parameter and click on Finish, i get a "Navigator.title!" window instead of "Database Explorer" window.
I do have a table in my database.
Even "Data Output" window is also not showing anything.

Can anybody tell me whats happening?
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I have used it from here

goto downloads and select build 1.0.2 OR 1.0.1 (i have 1.0.1 with Eclipse 3.1.2)
i can't say why it doesn't work.
Check the logs man..eclipse logs.
Morever, u should be having the GEF and EMF library(dependencies)

what kind of plugin u r using? I don't think there is anything like "Database Explorer" plugin in eclipse (is it in webtools?). I know of SQL Explorer, quantam DB etc.

BTW in my opinion, better off for squirrel sql client

avinthmAuthor Commented:
its not a plugin. its one of the view
Show View -> Data -> Data Explorer.

Its one of the feature of eclipse where u can connect directly to database and view your schema and tables
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only in webtools project...correct? I am using Eclipse 3.1.1 and i don't have any such view by default.
avinthmAuthor Commented:
ya its only in webtools project. i m using the webtools project.
do u have any idea on how to go about this?
hi avinthm,

i just now downloaded webtools and tried the database explorer for mysql connection. It works like a charm. Probably, you have installed some other plugins which interfere with database explorer etc. Check the logs of eclipse, you will get better ideas. Generally u will find eclipse logs file in the root directory of eclipse
avinthmAuthor Commented:
I hav installed Exadel Studio plugin (for struts framework) and Oxygen plugin (for xml).
I will remove the plugins and try it out once again.

if possible can you tell me the steps that u followed to connect to mysql ?
I dont think i have missed out any...even though for verification.
avinthmAuthor Commented:

can u please explains the steps that executed to get access to database ?
will definitely increase points.
Window --> Show View --> Data --> Database Explorer

then in the opened database explorer, select Connections
Connections --> right click --> New Connection

In the opened mask,

I have selected MySql->4.1 in the database manager tree
Then defined all the connection details, with the correct jdbc jar file for the mysql.

Define use the username password to connect and that's all.
avinthmAuthor Commented:
> in the opened database explorer
When i select Database Explorer, i get a window "Navigator.title!" (dont know why?)

But i do have a New Connection button.
When i click it, i get a window where i specify the following details

Connection URL Detials :
Database : test
JDBC Driver class : com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
Class Location : <location of mysql-connector-java-3.1.12-bin.jar>
Connnection URL : jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/test

when i click on "Test Connection" i get "Connection to MySQL is successful"
Then when i click "Finish", i dont get the Database Explorer.

And i have MySql -> 4.0 only
update the webtools eclipse installation with the latest version. mine is 3.1.2 with webtools.
avinthmAuthor Commented:
mine is 3.1.0
why doesnt it work with this version ?
avinthmAuthor Commented:
now i m updating eclipse. let me check if it works fine.
i didnt find any log which specifies abt this problem.

thanks for the guidance :)
avinthmAuthor Commented:
I updated Eclipse with WTP updates.
When i right click on Database Explorer , the New Connection is still disabled.
Its better to download latest version and try.

Anyways, Thanks fargo.
Hi avinthm, if u wish u can very well get refund. Sorry that i couldn't help to fix that problem.
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