Windows 2003 SBS Remote Web Workplace

Hi all, I'm having an issue with Remote Web Workplace and I've beat my head against the wall as long as I can. I've setup 10-15 of these but can't get this one to work. Here is what I have done already.
1. Server is setup and running for 6 months now.
2. Customer wanted to add Remote Web Workplace.
3. Ran the Internet and Email configuration Wizard.
4. Allow Access to: OWA, RWW and Outlook via Internet.
5. Created new web server certificate and added the dyndns name I created for it.
6. Saved the configuration.
7. firewall enabled the dyndns name - can ping it.
8. Forwarded ports 80 and 443 to server.
9. Opened port 4125 to server.

What am I missing. I usually set this up on the initial install and this is the first time to do it after the install. I can access all of these options internally.
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May be the firewall
can you disable it and do a test?

if you still can't remote when the firewall is disabled then setup NAT for port 23 or 25 and check if you can get through with that.

I'm betting it;s the firewall some rule's messing you up.



Are all the other websites liek OWA available for the users?


itsupportcciAuthor Commented:
All the websites are avaliable internal but nothing external.
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itsupportcciAuthor Commented:
I've got it setup exactly like 5-6 other installs, same hardware and everything. I did however change it on the firewall from a port forward to a NAT and still the same thing.
I'm calling the dsl modem provider to see if they are blocking any ports in the modem.

I did however use to access the the remote admin of the firewall on port 433 so I know that port is open on the modem.
itsupportcciAuthor Commented:
Looks like they are blocking ports, going on-site today since the provider can not tell me until I help them out with a few things. Will update when I return.
itsupportcciAuthor Commented:
Modem was blocking the ports.
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