Firefox crashes when trying to download

This very annoying site decided to automatically install spyware on my computer through IE via a recently discovered (and yet unpatched) exploit.

A bit annoying, but I got rid of it using spybot & hijackthis.  All is good...except now firefox crashes every time I try to download something.

I click download, get the "save as..." dialog, click "save" and more firefox.

I've uninstalled and re-installed luck.

Any ideas?
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Greetings, cwolves !

Seems like a setting in your profile is corrupted. You may want to create a new profile in Firefox

If no joy, close Firefox. Delete the profile in Application Data folder. Then uninstall Firefox and reinstall. You will lose your bookmarks and all your settings.

Best wishes!
Marc ZCommented:
You may be able to solve this problem by clearing the download history from the Clear Private Data tool, located on the Tools menu. Otherwise, you will need to close Firefox and manually delete the downloads.rdf file in the Firefox profile folder, which is located under the "Application Data" folder on Windows. Note: The Application Data folder may be hidden, in which case you must change your Windows "Search" and "Folder Options" to include hidden files and folders.

Before deleting the profile folder, try creating a new one with the profile manager.

Also run through the standard diagnostics for Firefox.


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Thanks, war1
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