Printing from AS400 to a Zebra4M Plus thermal printer

Hello all,

we have just purchased a Zebra 4M Plus thermal printer to be used in label barcode printing. It is at the moment attached to my PC locally (on LPT1) to be tested by us as IT. I defined it as a virtual printer from Client Access.
The vendor told us to create the labels using the Bar-One program they supplied us and use the code created on the .ZPV file to create the printouts on the As400 side. Which I did. In other words I have a spooled file which contains just text that is supposed to be translated by this printer to create proper labels. I direct this spooled file to the thermal printer and it gives QSYSOPR messages such as "write stopped printing file X. Cancel on device Y"
what can the problem be?
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I'm not exactly sure on this one, but it sounds like it may have something to do with the setup of the outq.  Are you sure you have the proper IP address selected and the appropriate configuration on the device & outq?  Also, you may need to send IPDS or some specific data stream to the the zebra printer, I can't remember, but it may need to be setup as an Advanced Function Printer/outq.

My experience with zebra printer has been to create the actual bar code on the 400 and then just send the bar-coded spool file directly to the zebra printer.  I haven't set up ones where you let the pc act as a print server and then let it create teh bar code.

But, my initial thought is that it's a device or outq setup issue, or the spool file type itself.  It may be as simple as doing an override to the print file (ovrprt) to specify IPDS or non-IPDS on the spool file.  Or to set up the outq/device as either an AFP devise or not.

Let us know if you have other details.  There should be some documentation about how to configure the outq/device or the spool file, or at least what it's expecting.

Hope that helps a little. Sorry I can't help more.

MurpheyApplication ConsultantCommented:
Hello azturhan,

We have a lot of Zebra printers and I developed most of the programs for it.
as far as i know, no print option will work from a printer device or outq, this because
in some way the translation to the printer will add some characters.
The best (and most simple) way to send data to the printer is by ceating a file with
your printer output, and send it to the printer via FTP. This is working for all ZPL and ZPLII
printers from zeba. To test it, just copy the lines below to a PC text file eg LABEL.TXT
and FTP this tou your printer.

Good luck,

In some cases the ^ must be replaced in your program by a ¬
Depending on the codepage
-----------------------------begin LABEL.TXT--------------------------------
^FO16,55^CI0^A0N,40,40^FR^Hello World
----------------------------- End LABEL.TXT--------------------------------

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MurpheyApplication ConsultantCommented:

I never use extra programs to develope labels, just look into the ZPL manual and try to figureout how ZPL is working, it's easy to lern.

MurpheyApplication ConsultantCommented:
Hi azturhan,

I realize connected to your PC, the Printer will have no IP address.
in that case just copy the testfile to the printer with:


This will do the same as sending via it FTP.


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