Dubious http connection

I have noticed that sometimes when I run a netstat I see an open http connection to unknown.level13.net,
have googled and found zero hits.  Whois search only shows buydomains.com as the registrant and am
wondering what the heck this is about, anybody got any ideas?

I have succeeded in stopping it from continuing to happen using a dud hosts file entry but it makes me
very suspicious.  Any help would be appreciated.
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When it ceased to exist:
This domain name expired on 02/05/2005 and is pending renewal or deletion."

What it contained in 2005:
" EMail us at: fr_info@filmroman.com
Please visit these other IDT ENTERTAINMENT Companies
idt.net   mainframe.ca   anchorbayentertainment.com   digitalproductionsolutions
What it was about:
"Film Roman's Level13.Net, the first multi-channel animation network on the Internet, announced today that its second annual animated film festival will air on DIRECTV Jan. 6-12, 2003 on Channel 193. The 90-minute program will be available to all DIRECTV customers free of charge."

Ideas? Well, as this domain has not been in use since 2005 and noone could  initiate connection to your host, most logical explanation to me would be that something on your machine tries to connect to this domain (may be some
 Flash animation/game/screensaver/..) [eventough you didn't specify what state this
connection is]. The esiest thing to do (provided you have Windows NT/2000 or XP, is
to know which process uses this open port, this tool will do:
What program was making the connection?

You can check with "netstat -ab"
pip_gazeboAuthor Commented:
Thx guys, nokia pc suite was culprit, launcher~1.exe (launcherapplication.exe in c:\prog files\nokia etc)

Have uninstalled and regained peace of mind.

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