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I would like to know if i can make some VB coding in Microsoft acess 2003 , how?

 my friend has done it to use in collage server so that all the groupmates can see and share and modify and make some note on what have they modified, Now I would like to know wheather i can use one button for all the group if anyone of the group wants to see what last time changes are made ?
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It sounds like you have a spit database the tables are on the server (the database), a Master of the menus,reports, functions,etc. is also on the server, and a copy of the menus, reports, functions, etc. (we'll call this the workstation copy) are distributed to the users. The benefit to this process is that the person who created the database can 1) keep the tables on a "safe" server, and 2) change the user interface and easily redistribute it to the users (synchronization).

The replication process is your Workstation Copy synchronizing its contents with the Master on the server. If your friend made changes to the Master, it would change on your computer during synchronization.

In order to make changes to the Master, you must have sercurity permissions to access/change it at the remote location and/or permission within access to recover the design master (Tools Menu->Replication->Recover Design Master). The best option is to work on the master located in the remote location (i.e. open the Master from the remote location and not the workstation copy located locally). The other option (BE CAREFUL!!!) is to recover the design master, but this will in effect create a conflicting workstation file. I recommend this option ONLY if you cannot get to the Master on the server or if you are going to start a new database in a different location.

Hope this helps.
Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorCommented:
Access uses Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) coding, and can be done in separate code modules, class modules, or in code behind forms and reports.

>use one button for all the group
Buttons will have a Click event which fires when the user clicks on it, and you can code like this:

Private Sub YourButtonName_Click()

' Write any VBA code you wish here.

End Sub
racheleeAuthor Commented:
thnx a lot for making me understand abt this.

actually i am a newbie in this so please do not mind if i ask stupid questions.
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racheleeAuthor Commented:
in microsoft acess screen there is an popup menu  named replications, and then i have to or other friend can take a look onto any new project present there.
how shall i do it?
Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorCommented:
Define 'project present there'.
racheleeAuthor Commented:
Yes jimhorn i will explain u in detailed

thnx for replying me
racheleeAuthor Commented:
Dear Jimhorn,

I have a program where in" Microsoft acess office 2003  VB "code  is written.(If u need to see them i will post it to u, for sure.).

I am having say 5 different projects stored in this programm. Now , If, I would like to share this projects detail (Notes, date of modification taken place etc..) , I do have an option menu, called "replication "and that ask me , do u want synchronization or not? then again it ask me  to close the programm and again ask me where to  replicate this and it acknowledge me , that its done....So I can put these modification in Masters from where my other friends cann acess these changes.

I would like to get rid off this big procedure, so will u please guide me , how i shall create only one button or pop up menu called replication and then the all this procedure will run in the background ; or else if i change things in project , while closing it , it  will ask me to replicate it and do the replication in backgraound.

so will u please guide me about the same wbove, please let me know if u understood my problem.. i am bad at explaining.

racheleeAuthor Commented:
Thnx Jdsf,

It is very good explaination u assisted upon my querry....thanx a lot to u.

Yes we r working on data base , I would like to make changes in my workstation copy and  leave notes about what did i modify . After my work is finished on my workstation , while closing microsoft acess , it should ask me"Wheather I want to make change in Master also?" , so that i shall say yes and that would be my solution.

Now for that what shall i do? I do not want computer to ask me to do big procedure like....1.replication 2. yes open now3.where u want to replicate etc. etc...

Please let me know how i can do it?

The reason for the alerts (the big procedure) is because your workstation is out of sync from the Master.

If you are part of the "development team" for this database (i.e. you are part of the group of people who built and make changes to the core database) then you can change the Master and everyone will get your changes.

If, however, you just added a cool button that you want to share with people, you may want to talk to the person/people who developed and maintain the database to ask if it is ok the change the Master.

Once the Master is updated to match your workstation, your replication alerts should go away.
racheleeAuthor Commented:

But its an requirement from my group that whoever make changes all should come to know..

So i want u to tell me the procedure which will ask me just two things when i am closing application or when i would like to put modified part to the masters comp.

thank u being with me till now...need ur help..
racheleeAuthor Commented:
Anyways thnx for make me understood about acess concepts

best regards
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