Domain Server Rebuild - Web Service Unavailable in Separate Application Pool

I have a web service running on a Windows 2003 server (IIS).  The server is a member server, not a domain controller.  The service must run under a separate application pool because it needs to have additional permissions that the default application pool does not provide.  The web service is setup to run under a separate domain user account name, and the application pool runs under the same account name.

Everything was working fine until the domain server crashed.  Unfortunately, I did not have a backup domain controller, so I had to rebuild the domain controller (now I have a backup controller).  I recreated all of my user accounts, including the one used to run the web service and its application pool.  Now when I try to access the web service through a browser, I get "Service Unavailable".  My web applications that use the service return error 503 Service Unavailable.  If a change the web service to run under the default application pool, the web service will then run, but it does not have the necessary permissions.

I have tried to recreate the application pool and even give it a different name, but I still cannot get the web service to run under the separate application pool.  Does any one know how to fix this?
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When you rebuilt the domain controller the SID changed for the user account even though you estabilished an account with an identical name.  

You will need to recreate the permissions for the application pool.
ardolinoAuthor Commented:
The only permissions that are needed is that the user must be a member of the Domain Users group.

I cannot even get an application pool to start up by using the local or domain Administrator account.  Something is wrong and I do not know what it is.
ardolinoAuthor Commented:
I reinstalled IIS and now its working.  Go figure.
Michel SakrCommented:
Indeed, SIDs changed..
reinstalling was one of the options.. but it is a good practice not to use domain accounts in IIS services.. use instead local accounts on local and remote servers with same credentials (user/pass)
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