125pts: Wireless Network Issue - Netgear DI-624s

Hi all,

I have a Netgear DI-624s which I am trying to set up with access to an existing wireless network ("generic" SVEC FD2463 802.11b wireless router connected to my DHCP & Web-proxy server). (The purpose is to connect a network upstairs [2 PC's] with another network downstairs [1 PC + USB storage drive])

DLink DI-624s : http://www.dlink.com/products/?pid=390
SVEC FD2163 : Unable to source technical details from internet - suspect company has gone bust.

I can connect to both wireless routers independantly to each other, and i've set up the DI-624s with the same SSID and WEP key as the existing wireless network.  I believe i'm having an issue because i'm trying to connect a G wireless network device with a B wireless network.  Although the DI-624s says it's backwards compatible with 802.11b, I wonder if that's only in the sense of the devices connecting directly to it ?

I guess i'm just after verification and justification to upgrading my upstairs SVEC "no name brand" wireless router to an all-in-one DLink DSL-G604T... :)    (EDIT- DLink DSL-G604T : http://www.dlink.com/products/?pid=372)
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i think your reasoning is sound, however are you sure that both devices are caperble of this?

Without reading the specs on the DI624, if the SVEC is only an entry level device you may not be able to perform wireless bridging.

i had this problem with a pair of netgear devices in the past (model numbers escape me) but one was an access point, and one was a router, wireless bridging was not supported on one of them (i think it was a DG814 now i think about it)

This unit connects to a wireless network and bridges its 4 LAN ports to it. (It also has 2 USB ports for network printers, but if all you need is the ports, its still money well spent)

My reccomendation would be
1. replace the SVEC FD2163 with your D-Link, as at least thats a recognizable brand.
2. deploy this WGPS606 (or similiar) upstairs and connect your PCs to it.
chameilAuthor Commented:
Does anyone know any technical details from the SVEC FD2163 to determine if it allows network bridging? The manual i have only details how to install and basic configuration (such as DHCP and WEP)...

I have a small 4 port 10/100 switch, that i can set up instead if need be and just use a wireless access point... would that work?

Does anyone know if you can route/bridge a DLink 108G network via a single access point?

From previous bad experiences
Found that most budget wireless routers (even of the same brand) do not support wireless bridging (WDS).
Much less for routers of different brand and models like your:

DLink DI-624s

if you want to retain the above you probably need to drag a network cable between them if you want to link the ground level with the second level.

Alternatively since you just purchased the Dlink DI-624 and want to use wireless link between diff levels,

If your 2 PCs above are wired PCs:
you can add on with the Dlink DWL-G810 wireless ethernet bridge + your small 4 port switch

If your 2PCs aboce are wireless PCs:
you can purchase the Dlink DWL-2100AP Wireless AccessPoint send set it to Repeater mode.

Hope this helps.

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