How can I upgrade 10G R1 to R2 ?

We have Oracle 10G installed since last year. So far so good. But since Oracle had release latest one R2, can anyone tell me how to upgrade the existing 10G R1 ? There are a lot of data inside the server and many system had been deployed. So how can I ensure the upgrade will work 100% or another word, I am afraid if the upgrade failed, the system also failed. If the upgrade is straight foward without reconfigure or minimum changes, then I will try if the procedure is simple and easy.

Another thing is, we also have 2nd 10G installed to another machine. We plan to use this as a backup, just incase 1st server down, 2nd one will take over. But I believe it is not as siimple as it is. How can I do that ?

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notice if you have RAC set up, 10g introduces a "rolling upgrade" which doesn't incur any downtime while upgrading.
If you can't do RAC you can use Dataguard to ship the arch logs to the second server.
The best way is to use new installation or 10g R2 and to Export/Import the data.
This way is not simple because it needs investigations - non system users, tablespaces, etc.
but the DBA has full control over the process and also the original DB is not damaged (you can turn it off).
The following is a chain of events that I first thought might solve the upgrade with no downtime:

(These first steps *would* requires downtime for certain:)

1. shutdown Oracle 10g R1 on both nodes.
2. shutdown crs process.
3. upgrade CRS.
4. open the R1 databases using the R2 of crs.


the next steps I was unsure about, until I realized that what would happen in step 7:

5. shutdown Oracle 10g R1 on node A.
6. upgrade Oracle 10g to R2 on node A
7. open Oracle 10g R2 on node A <-- This step should not work because we are trying to join an Oracle 10g R2
database to a cluster with an already running an Oracle 10g R1 instance.
8. shutdown Oracle 10g R1 on node B
9. upgrade Oracle 10g to R2 on node B
10 open Oracle 10g R2 on node B


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Chetan Sachdeva
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