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I installed IE 7 Beta a while back and really liked it save a few sites that wouldnt' work. I had ditched IE6 a while back in favor of Mozilla, which I use almost exclusively until recently. The problem is, to get into our Pix firewall I have to use IE, but IE7 didn't work. I figured I'd just uninstall IE 7 to get back to IE 6 and everything would work just fine.

Now when I open up IE 6 and type in a URL and hit enter, it tries to open the link in Mozilla. I figured maybe I could uninstall Mozilla and it would work since maybe it was just a default browser issue. After that, I would just get an application not found error message. I have went in and asked IE to make sure it is default browser and set IE as the default browser in Program Access and Defaults.

Any ideas?
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Greetings, grevels !

IE December Security Update causes odd behavior if you had IE7 installed. Here is a fix:

Best wishes!
grevelsAuthor Commented:
Very nice, the 1st comment after the article on that page was my problem exactly. Thanks.
grevels, glad I could help!
Thank you for this info. I had the exact same problem. The same rout IE7 the mozilla en then back IE6
Removed the registry key and all is well.
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