SNMP from shell scripts

Is there a Linux library that allows SNMP requests to call a shell script?  I know it is possible to call a shell script on an SNMP set, but I'm looking for a simple way to gather information from a shell script, even if it's just wrapping the script output in an SNMP response.

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Here has a superb list of SNMB things that are linux based:

In particular, you want the snmpd element of net-snmp:

Man page is:

It sounds as if you wish to create custom scripts. You will need to specify these modules in the configuration file for them to be recognised. The following page gives details of the types of extensions that can be done. It appears to be fairly comprehensive:
Try this network tool, I belive it can use snmp
cjl7freelance for hireCommented:

You can always use snmp from within your script...

snmpwalk is what you use to do that...

Cant remember syntax right now, let me know if you want it...

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KurtVonAuthor Commented:
I don't need a shell script for accessing SNMP.  What I need is a shell script to respond to SNMP requests.  In other words, when an SNMP request comes in I'd like the server to activate a shell script that generates the values SNMP will return to the client.

Basically I'm trying to pass off writing the service to someone else with very limited programing experience.
KurtVonAuthor Commented:
That looks like what I was trying to find.  Thanks.
A pleasure:)
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