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hi Experts,

I have an AD environment, i have an OU for users and an OU for computer, i if create o GP for folder redirection ie My Docs etc and link that GP to the computers OU it will not run, if however i link the gp to the users OU that i created it will run, why is this happening?


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The reason this is happening is that folder redirection is based on a user policy so it only works when a user logs in.

So what you are doing is saying that when joebloggs logs in you want his my docs to move to x location. But when a computer policy is applied it cannot generalise and say everybodys folder to here so it will skip it.

Computer policies are only for items that affect the computer itself such as software installation or file permissions or the like.

Hope this helps


Group Policy is processed for both computers and users, but different features work for each.  When you created the Group Policy, you probably noticed that there were two main branchs.  Computer Configuration and User Configuration.

Computer Configuration Settings get run at startup/shutdown, where User Configuration get processed at login/logout.  The feature you used (folder redirection) is listed under the "user configuration" settings, and therefore only is applied to users and not to computers.

Fortunately, Microsoft realized the limitations of this and created something called "Loopback Processing" for the situations where you want to apply user policies based on specific computers.

Loopback Processing of Group Policy

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Folder redirection for my docs is in in HKEY_CURRENT_USER reg key,

to modify this key the user needs to be logged on, the user based group policy settings are applied when a user is logged into the machine,

This is why it doesnt work when you set it to the computers OU,
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