Getting a large UPS to be monitored via the network

This may be rather simple to answer, basically I have a liebert AP366 and AP356, however I can not find their manuals online anywhere.  Does anyone know how I would go about getting these on the network so they can be monitored remotely?
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That connector may be for RS-232.  I'm not sure if they would use that for RS-485.

I would suggest you write them from the support link below. They should be able to give you specific information about your model and what's available. They might even be able to get you a manual.  ;-)



This link has some information and products for monitoring Liebert products.

What kind of interface does the AP356/366 have?  That will affect which monitoring tool you can use. The older ones had an RS-485 interface which is a bi-directional - half duplex - multi-drop communications over a single or dual twisted pair cable used for data acquisition.

Here's some info on RS-485 

Newer ones can have an Ethernet port and can be monitored via SNMP and that link has some software.



serjoshAuthor Commented:
They look to be the older ones with RS-485, as when I open the front I see a female db25 connector.  But nowhere on the board is a RJ-45 port
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