Domain Name and DNS Hosting - whats the best one

At the moment I use 123reg to host my domain names. They allow you to update your A, MX for a domain. But what I need to do is to delegate a subdomain to another DNS/name server server.

So instead of having a A record to make resolve to an IP address, has an NS record that points to

My current dns server cannot do this, so I'm looking for DNS servers out there that will allow me to do this.

I was sent the following help file in order to do this

Delegation means creating NS records for "subdomain" within the zone "". By delegation our nameservers get authority over the subdomain “”.

BIND-Example for the “” zone file:

subdomain       IN      NS
                   IN      NS


Thank you
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I think a dns service like will allow you to forward subdomains to other name servers.
jaycangelAuthor Commented:
Thanks I will have a look at them.

But how exactly do I point a record? Don't really understand the website?!

You'd create your subdomain with NS records pointing to the name servers responsible for handling that subdomain.
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