Cisco AP350 firmware update failed!


I was updating a AP350 to IOS 12.3 from the cisco AP OS that was on there previously (it has a name that i cant recall)

I used the AP350-Cisco-IOS-Upgrade-Image-v2.img as i had done countless times before (you then load the IOS tar file once that upgrade has completed) - however... after many hours i still had flashing red leds.

so yes, i rebooted it! Now it boots and hangs with all three leds on amber, and connecting via the console shows the following output on bootup:
DRAM Test Bypassed.                  
Power-on reset.              

Copyright 1996-2000 Cisco Systems, Inc.                                      
Copyright 1984-2000 Wind River Systems, Inc.                                            

System ID: 0040965BF1D8                      
Motherboard: MPC855 50MHz, 8192KB FLASH, 16384KB DRAM, Revision B1                                                                  
Bootstrap Ver. 1.09: FLASH, CRC 710B6415 (OK)                                            
Initialization: OK                  

Memory Bank   total      used      left                                      
  DRAM      16738168         0  16738168                                        
  Config      524288       680    523608                                        
  FLASH      7733248                                  

Memory Bank:File                     address      size   encoding type  flags                                                                            
  a) Config:AP Installation Key      FE020000        64  none     Key   0000                                                                            
  b) Config:VAR Installation Key     FE020040        52  none     Key   0000                                                                            
  c) Config:AWC_ConfigDB             FE020074       564  AiroDB1  Data  0000                                                                            

Socket Controller Error: No FPGA file!                                      

System ID: 0040965BF1D8                      
Motherboard: MPC855 50MHz, 8192KB FLASH, 16384KB DRAM, Revision B1                                                                  
Bootstrap Ver. 1.09: FLASH, CRC 710B6415 (OK)                                            
Initialization: Improper Mothotherboard Config                            

Type '=' for main menu.              

typing = shows:

c -- Copy file              
f -- File dir            
l -- downLoad file into DRAM                            
u -- Upload file                
p -- xfer Protocol                  
n -- coNsole            
r -- Run        
s -- System info.      

so it looks like i may be able to recover by transfering some images to the DRAM, but what do i need, and where can i get them??

thanks guys
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NetoMeter ScreencastsCommented:

I use this menu every time I forget the password.

Here are the detailed step-by-step instructions how to upgrade the firmware of the cisco Aironet  through that menu:


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nickhillsAuthor Commented:

have a gold star and move to the top of the class.


many thanks
NetoMeter ScreencastsCommented:
I am glad that it worked for you, Nick!

Best Regards,
HAving the same issue.  Answer is not real.  It is blocked and asks for payment...
NetoMeter ScreencastsCommented:
The answer is a link to a PDF with the instructions to reset the password and it has never been blocked or required a payment.

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