What's the best way to convert Illustrator files into Publisher?

I have created several promotional documents in Illustrator CS, and my boss wants these converted into MS Publisher 2003 so our Administrative Assistant can make changes to the text as needed (dates, times, locations, etc.).

Is there an easy, non-obvious way to do this? Is there any way I can do this without needed to recreate each document in Publisher?
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I can't imagine a way to export the files or convert to Publisher files without having to do some set up in Publisher.  TOPIO has a good idea about taking anything that isn't being edited (like graphics) and making those as a background or at least artwork behind the text in the new files.  But it would seem you may have to export text and then bring it into publisher and format or set it up for someone to edit it in that program.

The only other idea I have is using Acrobat.  I am not sure if you can make the Illustrator files into PDF files and then bring those into Publisher.  Or keep them as PDF files and edit those (using the full version of Adobe Acrobat)

Hi cioservices,
You can export the promotional documents in illustrator as background graphics for the
MS publisher app and just leave the text boxes to be edited in Publisher
that way she does not break your layou and any change to the text is transparent

cioservicesAuthor Commented:

The prep work before making a background graphic did the trick. Thanks!
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