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Ensure DC is fully replicated

I have had some problems in the past where I have one DC that is running all of our AD & working great...I have then created another machine as a DC by running DCPROMO.  It seems to work (I can add users on it etc etc), but, when the main AD goes down, the network is down.  Is there anything else short of DCPROMO that I can do to ensure that EVERYTHING is replicated over to the DC & our network can work seamlessly if one of the two is down?

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your second and subsequent DC's need to house other domain services that are cricital.  

when expanding you should end up with at least two of these:
file server
print server
DHCP server
DNS server
Global Catalog Server

If the servers are local, (connected on the same subnet.) your replication should work well without further configuration.

I suspect your problem will be solved by making the both servers global catalog servers, let that replicate and test.
AD Sites and services -> sites -> default -> server name -> NTDS settings (right click) properties, check global catalog.
rustyrpageAuthor Commented:
I think that may have been it...only the main one was set as a global catalog...so that should do the trick?  Is there any disadvantage to having all 4 of my DCs be global catalogs?
rustyrpageAuthor Commented:
Also, when I setup this server as a secondary DNS server, what is the best way to configure it?  (point it to a main internet server or one of my other DNS servers?)

if they are all local, then it won't matter.
if you had bandwidth concerns, then you need to apply some though to which are GC's

A non DNS server (or workstation) should have on it's TCP/IP settings DNS 1 = a internal DNS server and DNS 2= the other internal DNS ...
A DNS server should have on it's TCP/IP settings DNS 1 = it's own Ip address or no other entries.

the AD integrated DNS's all talk to each other via AD and not DNS
you don't point them at each other.

All DNS servers should forward requests to the ISP provided DNS servers for faster answers. (server name, right click, properties, forwarders tab.)
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