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Stange colours on Mac OS-X on desktop and when viewing PDFs


I'm having problems with a Mac OS-X (10.3.9) displaying lurid colours on the desktop or when viewing a PDF in either Adobe Acrobat or Preview.

When I choose a solid colour for the desktop, although the 'thumbnail' colour swatch appears correct, when the colour is picked the desktop turns an overly bright, highly saturated version of the same colour (for example Lavender appears as a bright pink).

Equally when I view a PDF file, the colours are extremly bright and highly saturated even though the white background appears fine. The rest of the OS (menus, icons, images etc) are unaffected.

I have tried calibrating the monitors, repairing disk permissions, creating a new user account and running applejack but the problem remains - any ideas much appreciated!

1 Solution
If you connect another monitor to this computer, does it display with the same problems.
pixel1024Author Commented:
Yes, I just tried swapping the monitor out and the problem remains.
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pixel1024Author Commented:
OK, thanks anyway.  I think it may have something to do with a corrupted prefs file - but I don't know where to start looking..
well thats what i first thought.  However, when you created a new profile, you got all new user preferences.  

You can try trashing your display prefs in system:library:preferencespanes
pixel1024Author Commented:
OK, I think I've sorted the problem and it must be somthing to do with the monitors. I run a 2 monitor setup and swapped the left and right monitors over. This seems to have resolved both the desktop and PDF display problems. I'm not sure why this didn't show up when I tried a different monitor altogether! Thanks for your help.
Question is the monitor plugged into a Grounded outlet that is on the same circut/surge protector as the Computer?
 If not it could be getting more power than it should be or spiking it will cause this problem.

If the problem continues at a later date you also might want to consider the video card as a possible part of problem
most often when you run into this type of problem this is what it ends up being. Check first for the latest drivers
and software updates.

 Test the card in another computer if possible before changing out the Card
 ( Unless it's a way to get your boss to get you a new one)LOL!

Happy computing!
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