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Dear All,

Looking for some advise on this:

We have three servers in our organisations. Two offices, connected via an adsl vpn. The two offices are 4 miles away from each other.

HQ has two servers, one Dell with SBS 2003 running, which handles file, print, remote access (vpn for home workers). The second server is a 'glorified' PC running 2000 server and terminal services, as we have 5 - 7 users requiring this at any one time. The second server at HQ has been joined to the domain as a domain controller, not sure if this is the correct method?

RemoteOffice has one Dell server running 2000 server on a workgroup setup at preset, but would like to join the domain and utilise the features, usernames (global), wsus, etc.

We would like to utilise roaming profiles so that users can use each othwers workstations so that there desktops, etc come with them.

What sit he best way to go about this?
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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
You should definitely review this document:

Roaming profiles aren't recommended unless absolutely necessary... since My Documents folder redirection is handled easily and Outlook is automatically configured for any user that logs onto any workstation.  But I do realize that there are other items such as Favorites, Desktop, etc...

Check out and you'll find a seciton on Roaming Profiles.

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