Trusts between two server 2003 DCs

I have two servers in my office, both behind the same router, both on the 192.168.x.x IP set.  I am trying to establish a trust between them and at the very end, after everything in the wizard is complete, I receive a message that the domain I am trying to establish a trust with cannot be found.

I feel sure it's DNS related.

domain1 and domain2 use one word for a domain name.  In other words, there is no FQDN like name of the first domain is simple, like domain1 and the same is true of domain2.

What entries need to be in my DNS so domain1 can find domain2?


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This may help :

Let us know.
crp0499CEOAuthor Commented:
seems easier to rename my domain and add the .com

I own the url and it's pointed to my ip anyway...
It could be - but ALL servers must be 2003 and running in 2003 Native mode before you can.  If you have Exchange, that will add some complexity.

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crp0499CEOAuthor Commented:
i do have exchange.  on each of the domains in question.  three servers, all DC's for their domain, all with exchange.

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crp0499CEOAuthor Commented:
ok, forget the rename.  all three DCs work.  users (50+ on each) are working on them and all is well.  I'm not going to take on this project in a production environment.  especially when I have never done it, don't know what I'm doing, and am learning as I go.

my REAL desire, the reason I started all this, was so if one domain went down, my users could work off one of the others while I bring up the downed server.  my exchange is already set up to handle mail from all three domains and all I lacked was getting my users populated across all three domains.  I think I'll use ADMT for that and call it done.

thanks for ALL of your help Netman!
I agree with you about learning on production servers - it's a wise move not to tackle something like this without testing it to death in the lab.

As for domains that might go down, if each domain has 2 DCs that are both GCs then you have little risk of not keeping them up and running.

Not sure where ADMT entered into the equation, but you can't have duplicate accounts and you won't be able to move users into other domains if the principal domain is offline.

Glad to help somewhat!

crp0499CEOAuthor Commented:
the htree servers are identical in setup, software, configuration, etc.  we're had one giving us LOTS of grief (SCSI card cratered, drives cratering at diff times, RAM going bad, etc).  In the last six months, I'd say the primary server (apps, AD, exchange) has been down 8 days total.  BAD for this company, but they want to work with what they have.

So, I OSed two older servers (P4 Zeons, 4 gig RAM, 400 gigs HD space, etc) and set them all up to be exactly alike in the software installed, exchange mailboxes, AD users, etc so if the priimary goes down again, all I have to do it change the IP on one of the other two to and we're back in business.  Of course the router is directing all port 110, 80, 25, 21, etc to so making the IP changes, so long as the server is ready, is a smooth switch.  I have tested this and it works great.  

all of the users have their important data on thier local PC and their mail is pop 3 despite the xchange box and the mission critial apps are WEB based.  This "disaster recovery" scenario I have set up seems the best way to eliminate down time.  due to the type of business they are in, down time is not an option.

My ultimate goal was to keep my AD users the same across all three without having to maintain three different systems.  The software is no problem as it's WEB based and the access client is on the local PCs.  That leaves me having to keep AV and AD current.

anyway, I'm rambling...see what I was trying to do?
Global Catalogs keep partial attributes from everything in the Forest.  Even if users from Domain A lose their server, they can log back in to Domain B using UPN.  There shouldn't be much in the way of a hiccup.

It doesn't hurt to be covered though.

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