Web Based AntiVirus Software

I am looking for advise on the best Web Based Virus scanning software on the market.  I have recently started using "AntiCyber Crime" by Secure Resolutions.  What is the concensus about this software and its abilities?

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Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
Any such app or site is an "after the fact" solution. Meaning you could be infected currently, and your using one of these sites to see if that is so. I find McAfee to be a great product for real-time detection. ZoneAlarm's firewall can also help, as it can pause programs that are trying to act as servers or access your NIC, if a new program is detected, it prompts you for an action, allow, or deny. If you allow, you have to provide a password to allow, if you deny it is denied. So Zero-Day viri can be caught in this way, even if no AV company has a DAT to detect virus xyz, ZA can alert you that xyz is trying to access your nic, do you want to allow it? unfortunatly it can't tell you xyz is a virus or not, just that it's trying to access your nic or act as a server.

Panda and Trend I think have some of the best web detection apps, but ZoneAlarm's is also good

But McAfee provides a free exe (updated 2-3 times a month) that is faster and often better at removing such threats (not spyware however)
Ad-Aware is my favorite Spyware remover, HiJackThis is also very good.

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Another option for virus scanning is Trend Micro's House Call

If you are looking for something that performs a more thorough security scan try:

If you just want a gentle port probe, check out GRC Shields Up http://www.grc.com/


The so-called Web-Based Antivirus software can not offer RealTime Protection. When you would like to scan, you need to visit the website, wait for the latest patterns to download and the engine (ActiveX Control) would scan on a button click.

Trend Antivirus -> HouseCall Antivirus (http://housecall.antivirus.com/)

I guess, Symantec Antivirus Research Center has some virus software test and spyware tests too.
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richrumble > Any such app or site is an "after the fact" solution.

Agreed. We need go no further - until you understand some fundamentals and learn to better secure your system, even from RIAA.

For the question itself, the first two come to mind are trend for testing, symantec for removal, and do NOT count on them being either complete or any form of protection. Get all your upgrades and use only legitimate wares. Do not go for the free downloads that come with their built in malwares.
Basically web based anti-virus/spyware works by using the same security holes to scan your computer that the viruses/spyware use to get there.  If you can run teh software you have a problem to fix.  Stop using Internet Explorer and use something civilized like Mozilla Firefox.
Agree with the other comments, you will not get real tome protection with web based AV. It's a bit like closing the door once thw horse has bolted.

One of the best online scanners would be Kaspersky's..


Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
i would highly recommend the network antivirus from grisoft.com..

it works for servers and workstations, does your emails, auto update, centralized admin tool, everything...

and it works great...
i have run the free edition (yes free and it rocks) for years on all my stuff and haven't had a virus since.

BR Dushan
Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
Hello Goudman,
Have you tried with my comments?

BR Dushan
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