OWA not working after installing Exchange 2003 update KB888619

I installed an Exchange 2003 update last night (KB888619) last night and now OWA is not properly working on the Exchange Servers.  The page says it's loading and looking distorted. Iinstalled it on 3 Exchange Servers that are set up as "Basic" in one site.  The front-end servers and backend servers are in another site.  All Exchange servers are running SP1.  Will uninstalling the update fix the problem?
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This hotfix updates the files and folders in the ExchWeb folder. This folder has all the scripts and images for OWA. It is always recommended to update the FE server first and then the BE server. If you have put this hotfix on a BE server, then OWA will fail. So update all the FE servers with this hotfix to resolve the issue.

Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
Here is a Sembee fix from the other day..

Reset the authentication settings on the Exchange virtual folders in IIS Manager thus...

/exchange: Integrated and Basic ONLY. Optional: set a default domain and a default realm
/exchweb: Anonymous ONLY.
/exadmin: Integrated ONLY.
/public: Integrated and Basic ONLY.

Ensure that there are no access restrictions on the folders.
Ensure that you haven't enabled require client SSL certificate or anything like that.

Once you have made those changes, drop in to a command prompt and type

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phxlanadminAuthor Commented:
The folders in IIS already had the correct settings listed above.  Uninstalling the update fixed it.  OWA is now working correctly.  Thanks.
That update was in the latest service pack. Are you not on the latest service pack for Exchange 2003?

Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
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