Remove acrobat toolbar

How can I remove the acrobat toolbar from appearing when I open a PDF by clicking on its link in my webstie.

I removed it from the options, so if the users open the document with reader, the toolbar is gone, but if they use acrobat, it comes rigth back.
Is there a way to remove it altogether?
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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
"Is there a way to remove it altogether?"'s dependant on the user's own reader configuration.
Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
How did you remove the menu bar?
With Acrobat 7 Pro, I can select "File>Document Properties", and then on the "Inital View" tab check all options in "User Interface Options" (hide menu bar, tool bar and window controls) the file opens without toolbar even in the full version of Acrobat.
Gemini532Author Commented:
Hi khkremer
would this same thing work in Acrobat 5?  No, right?  Becuase in Acrobat 5 after the toolbar is removed it stays removed in Reader, but not if the document's open in Acrobat.  Am I right?
So I'd have to get a hold of Acrobat 7 PRO?
OK... THanks for your help...
Please write me if I'm wrong and there's a way to do this in version 5!
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Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
Acrobat 5 has the same function: Go to "File>Document Properties>Open Options". On that dialog, you will find these options in the lower right corner.

Just keep in mind that Acrobat can always restore the menu and toolbars by using F8/F9
Gemini532Author Commented:
>>Just keep in mind that Acrobat can always restore the menu and toolbars by using F8/F9
This ability to resore it is the reason why I can see the toolbar when I open the PDF document from another computer even though I had already set the properties in teh OPEN OPTIONS to hide the toolbar.  I do not see the toolbar if I have Acrobat Reader open the PDF.  

Basically the PDF is opened by the website and we want to keep people who open it from viewing the toolbar.  
So you're saying if we can get Acrobat 7 PRO and set this feature there, this will keep all people from viewing the toolbar, even people who have Acrobat 7 PRO
What about people who have ACROBAT 5?
Sorry I keep asking, but I have to make sure of the answer before I go to the trouble of finding someone who has this application and can make this change for me...
Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
No, I said that "Acrobat can always restore the menu and toolbars by using F8/F9" - I did not talk about a specific version. The document will open without the toolbars and menubars, but anybody who has the full version of Acrobat can restore these elements.

Let's try this from a different angle: Why do you want to hide the toolbars?
Gemini532Author Commented:
Gemini532Author Commented:
OH!  You think it's possible to hide it?
The reason is that we don't want the users to save the PDF on their computer and than email it to someone outside the company.
Because the PDF is on an INTRANET in our company ONLY
so it's not like anyone with Internet access can get to it.
Only people in this building can... and we don't it to get out...
Now i know there's all kinds of ways, but we want to make it as difficult as possible.
So we're opening the PDF in a new browser window without a menu, no toolbar, no nothing...So they can't do anything from there...
We disabled the select/copy capability, the right mouse button and the print capability...
All that remains is that pesky Adobe toolbar which has the SAVE button on it  :(
Gemini532Author Commented:
So we're at the point where we think we might not be able to do it... And we would have to make the page in htm format
I already have code which keeps the HTM from being copied, printer, selected, saved... And on top of this if they try to disable their javaScript on the previous page where they link is, they'll get an error and the right mouse button is disabled the previous page where the link is, so they can't save the link...
But because the documents are super long, it takes forever to convert from WORD to htm, so we wanted another way.
Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
The only way you can protect PDFs is by using a DRM solution like - anything else can be circumvented. When you open a PDF in the browser, it's already downloaded to your local system, and somebody who knows how the whole system works, can easily find this file. Also, it's usually not a problem to find out from which link a PDF was downloaded, so that you can then download it with a command line tool like wget or curl. Also, not everybody may use Acrobat or Reader to display your files. If somebody is running a Mac, all bets are off - the preview application that displays PDFs by default does not have Acrobat's toolbar or menubar.

There are two approaches to your problem: You either trust your employees, an therefore don't need anything but a "restricted information" stamp on the PDFs (you may want to remind them every now and then that they signed a confidentiallity agreement when they were hired), or you don't trust them, which means that somebody will find a way to circumvent your system. If somebody wants to get access to the raw file, they will find a way, and in this case you need a strong (and expensive) DRM solution.

Also, have you ever used Abbyy's FineReader software? It's OCR software that can OCR information from screen shots. So if somebody really wanted to get access to your data, they only need to create screen shots and then feed this information to FineReader. After some time, they will have all the content of your file - without ever having had access to the file on disk.

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Gemini532Author Commented:
I too realized that PDF are just not secure, so we made the page in HTML.  I disabled right click, opened in a new window without a menu or toolbar, or anything...
They cannot select or press control C to copy, they cannot print, because it prints out a blank page.  I wrote some code to disabled browser caching.  META tags:
      <META HTTP-EQUIV="Expires" CONTENT="Fri, Jun 12 1981 08:20:00 GMT">
      <META HTTP-EQUIV="Pragma" CONTENT="no-cache">
      <META HTTP-EQUIV="Cache-Control" CONTENT="no-cache">
On the page where the link to this page is located, the same code was added PLUS code that re-directs them to another page if they disable JavaScript.  This page where the link is, also was opened in a new window with no menu, no toolbar, no nothing...
      <META HTTP-EQUIV=Refresh CONTENT="0; URL=../OED/noscript.asp">  
That's about all we can do to make it super difficult for them to get to it, without spending any money...  Can you think of anything else we can do.  We know nothing is foolproof, we don't expect it to be...  Just more difficult than usuall...  :)
Gemini532Author Commented:
I bet this is about as good as we can make them...
Gemini532Author Commented:
no one is using mac, this is an INTERNAL website (INTRANET) everyone is using PCs and IE...   :)
Gemini532Author Commented:
I really think this is as good as it gets without spending a lot of $$$, or doint unspeakbly complex coding...
Gemini532Author Commented:
Thank you for your help!!!  Your answers were very useful!
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