Why don't all IP addresses on our MS network subnet respond to pinging?


I have been troubleshooting a problem with our Symantec Anti Virus Corporate Edition (v10 and v9) where some workstations are recieving their virus definition updates from our 2000 server running Symantec system center, and some do not.

In doing a simple ping tests to several workstation IP addresses on our network, I find that some return a response and some just time out.  There is not a pattern between the AV update problem and the ping response as the workstations that respond to ping don't necessarily receive the antivirus updates.  It seems unrelated.

I feel I need to at least confirm all the workstations IPs return a ping before continuing troubleshooting the AV update problem.

What would cause some workstations to respond to ping and some not? ... they are all logging on to the network and able to use the network resources.  Should I also be able to ping the workstation name?

Thank you!!!
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if you can't ping it by name, then you won't be able to ping it by IP.  It sounds like a firewall issue.  Assuming that the computers are all on the same physical subnet with no routers between them, it sounds like a firewall issue.  Temporarily disable Windows Firewall in Control Panel, and any other 3rd party security application like Norton Internet Security, etc..   I also believe that SAVCE 10 has a crude firewall built-in.  Make sure that is off.

How many computers are we talking about?  Are you sure that the subnetting configured proplerly?
If you are running windows xp sp2, microsoft's "Friendly Firewall" blocks pings by default.

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mgermano2Author Commented:
Thank you!  

Disabling the windows firewall on XP sp2 machines solved the inconsistency with the ping responses.  Now on to the SAV updates issue...

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