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DataGrids and Calculations

Here is a tough one.  I have some data that is going into a datagrid via DATASETS.  I need to Grab 3 totals.
The final total I already have using this code.
        Dim x
        If DsOtherInc1.tblotherinc.Rows.Count > 0 Then
            x = dgotherinc.DataSource.compute("SUM([Brw Amount])", 1 = 1)
            txtTTLOthInc.Text = x
        End If
The other 2 totals are based off a different colum.
If colum "B" = Include Sum Column "C" of Includes only
If colum "B" = Exclude Sum Column "C" of Excludes only.

Example of what I am trying to say.

A               b                   c
File1        Include           10.00
File2        Include           20.00
File3       Exclude           10.00

Total 1 = 40.00
Total Include = 30.00
Total Exclude = 10.00

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1 Solution
You use a similar method to your existing code, but with a filter on the column containing the "Include/Exclude" value.  On these lines

            y = dgotherinc.DataSource.compute("SUM([Brw Amount])", "Colb = 'Include'")


            z = dgotherinc.DataSource.compute("SUM([Brw Amount])", "Colb = 'Exclude'")

danormeAuthor Commented:
Well, I am close, but not there yet.  Here is my code and here is the error?

        If DsDebts1.tbldebts.Rows.Count > 0 Then
            varCalcInclude = dgDebts.DataSource.compute("Sum([monthpay])", "[action]='Include'")
            varCalcExclude = dgDebts.DataSource.compute("Sum([monthpay])", "[action]='Exclude'")
            txtInclude.Text = varCalcInclude
            txtExclude.Text = varCalcExclude
            txtDebtTtl.Text = varCalcInclude + varCalcExclude
        End If

An unhandled exception of type 'System.Data.DataException' occurred in microsoft.visualbasic.dll

Additional information: Invalid usage of aggregate function Sum() and Type: String.
What that error message appears to be saying is that the [monthpay] column on which you are trying to use the Sum() function is of String datatype rather than a Numeric datatype.  Does that ring any bells with you?


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