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We have a user on an exchange server at a satelite site.  That server connects to our main site then connects to our corporate network.

The user sent an email to multiple users on 3/20/2006.  The email to users on his server delivered on 3/20/2006.  The users at the main site and on the corporate network didn't receive the email until 3/24/2006.  The sender did not get a delay notification.

Is there a way to trace this email to figure out why it was delayed and why there was no delay notification?  I have checked the logs at the satelite server and the main campus server and see no incidents.

Any direction would be appreciated.
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Did you have Message Tracking turned on? That is the best tool for tracking what Exchange is doing with a message. If it wasn't turned on then nothing you can do.


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Any direction? Here's an off the beaten path direction... You said sent to "multiple users."  Was that using a DL pehaps?  Confirm that your "local delivery" queue doesn't have any messages in a retry state.  If they do, it's possible that the satellite user is sending to a DL with a user that has a corrupt mailbox.  This may affect delivery to all user in the DL.
johnscrAuthor Commented:
I do not have Message Tracking turned on.  I was trying to make sure I wasn't missing something obvious before telling the users involved that there wasn't anything more I could do to trace the email.

Thanks for the confirmation, Sembee.

Corp, I gave you some points because you tried.  The user didn't use a distribution list, but it was a good thought.
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