Urgent ! Computer automatic shut down and restart on me twice a day .

Hi expert, I am having an urgent issue with my PC . As it is automatically shut down and reboot on me twice a day . I am running windows xp sp2 . I check on power options and set it up that my computer always on mode . It is really driving me nuts... Any suggestion from expert would be really appreciated if you respond ASAP. Thanks very much
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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
Download and Install.

Copy and paste your log to:

Look for NASTIES and post your results here
Download Ewido, http://www.ewido.net/en/download/, install, open program, check for updates, restart computer, press F8 before windows logo appears, select safe mode, open Ewido, run full system scan. let Ewido delete all it finds, if anything is called serious by Ewido, disable Norton's Goback, and run Ewido again.
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Have you checked your processor's temperature? What are you doing when the computer reboots?
hi, there

dump question but we need to know

1. have you activated the registration........
2. Is there any event log ???

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lho92Author Commented:
To answer Spec01 question. I did try to open a case and blow off a dust .
Cooledit, Yes. It was activated the registration and checked event log there was no error ...
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Hey download this software and see what the temperature is for your CPU.


hope this helps
How much memory do you have in the system?
lho92Author Commented:
I got 512 MB of RAM on system. thanks,

to make sure it's not CPU/MEMORY/SOFTWARE issue
disable the automatic reboot on failure ,it's in
right click on my computer,properties,advanced,startup and recovery,automatically restart.
after disable it (remove the V). in the next error (if you will get one)
you will see blue screen instide of reboot.

if your computer will reboot without bluescreen there is good chance of  PSU failure.
check that your case have good earthing connection.
disconnect internal fans from PSU (if you can,but beware of heat)
you mey have electricity short.
Are you using a APC UPS or anything like this?
Can you corelate those reboots ?
Is there some repeating pattern in them, e.g. it occurs at predictable time, you use the same program and then it reboots,
it happens when you've been working on it for roughly the same amount of time etc..?.
the last time that happened to me @ office, my PC's power supply's fan had died and the PC was overheating immensely.

so i'd first suggest you check ALL your fans - power supply, processor, and even graphics card. also verify that the CPU fan's RPM is not below the usual range. intel mobos usually have a BIOS page dedicated to such hardware monitoring. if the RPM is below normal, the fan wont be cooling the CPU as much as it needs - hence the shutdown.

but then again, God forbid, it could be a virus! :P in which case you need to identify and remove the virus or possibly reinstall your OS.
Saurabh DuaCommented:
Power prob.. check the PC on another power outlet, if prob persists, use another SMPS..

Sudden reboot can also be due to overheating of CPU, check the FAN..

but c try to use it in a  clean outlet with no voltage fluctuations, even the UPS may not be functioning well, leading to such situations..

else the mobo needs to be replaced...

More info:




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What bran of PC?  I know there were a batch of Dell workstations that came out with bad capacitors.  We had 6 workstations here at work that all started experiencing the same problem within 3 weeks of each other, just shutting down for no reason.
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
cool...thank you!
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