Use Crexport to email out copy of reports in the middle of the night.

I want to use crexport and Windows Scheduler to create reports at midnight and email them out immediately.  I can easily put together the batch file and schedule it but then Outlook has it's little security issue and bring up the pop-up saying "a program is trying to access email addresses you have stored in Outlook."  and I can choose to allow for up to 10 minutes.  Unfortunatly since I don't feel like being at work at midnight for these reports to run and get emailed out, then I guess I'm in a pickle.  I looked around and thought I found an answer with "Advanced Security" by Mapilab, but after installing it I ran the my batch file that runs crexport and emails the report...and you guessed it...Outlook again asked me to authorize use for up to 10 minutes.  I looked in Mapilab's help file and it was very little help.  Any help is appreciated.
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First you should not rely on OUtlook DB of names and addresses, dont you know, this is exactly what all viruses do, make lookup to OUtlook names and addresses, and mass mail them viruses?  So MS is trying to fix this fatal flaw in a defective program that they never should have allowed EXTRNAL access to in the first place, and since you are trying to do exactly what viruses writers do, you are dead before you start.

Make your own list of names and addresses, and dont tie to Outlook.  ALl you problems will go away !!
systemsadministratorAuthor Commented:
Maybe I'm not being 100% clear.  I'm not a programmer.  I'm simply trying to use crexport.exe, a third party program, to accomplish something.  I'm not sure how this third party software is connecting to Outlook's DB of names and addresses so I don't know how to tell it not to do this.  But I do want a certain set of Crystal reports to run every night at midnight and email themselves to certain people.  Is there anyway to do this?
systemsadministratorAuthor Commented:
I've found a way to accomplish my goal in this question.  It's a program called ClickYes Pro.  It will automatically click the yes button for me when Crexport tries to use Outlook to email the Crystal reports.  It will only allow this for the programs you specify so it works out pretty nicely.  And it only cost a few bucks so that's nice too.  I was hoping for a free way to accomplish this task but it's not too bad a deal I guess.
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