How to delete "old address book" in lotus notes ?


1. I have a remote client.
2. When he wants to send an email to a person or a group, he normally just to key in 3 character of the first or last name of the person.
3. Recently, The mail server has been changed (Old name: BOA/SERVER/jki/ca; new name: BOA_ca/ca)
4. His address book is still containing some peope who are still in the old server.
5. I asked him that he should delete the above people from his old address book; but he told me that he did not see any of them in his address book,
6. But, When i go to workspace, and downward the "small  arrow" in the address book icon, i still can see the old server.
7. Any body can help to delete the old server from the address book icon ? or give other solution, so this client can use the current address book ?
8. Thank you.

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For point 7, theonly way to remove the reference to the old server on the addressbook icon is to select it and then right click and choose Remove from Workspace on the menu.  This only removes the reference to that server, not the others.

As for the remote user, he needs to edit his location document to point at the new mail server.  He can do that by clicking on the Location part of the status bar in the Notes client (lower right) and then clicking Edit Current.  He should change the server in the Server tab of that document to be the new one.
Hmmm... if you used Adminp to move the mail files, then the location and person documents should have been updated automatically.

Moving a user's mail file and roaming files from the Domino Administrator or the Web Administrator << In Admistration Help.

If the users have old bookmarks and icons, then you are left with a few options;

Manually clean up the workspace and remove the replica references to the wrong mail file.  << tool that does this

I used Disktool:

>6. But, When i go to workspace, and downward the "small  arrow" in the address book icon, i still can see the old server.
>7. Any body can help to delete the old server from the address book icon ? or give other solution, so this client can use the current address book ?

If you click on the small arrow then go to manage list you can then remove the referance to the old server
You do not mention that if he has local replicas of the address book you will need to tidy these as well, don't forget to remove any references to local replicas of the server NAB in the user preferences under mail.

As Marilynq mentions you will also have to clean the workspace, If he has a small amount of databases or the moved server is only a mail server then this is an easy operation


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Agreed... i just made it a point that whenever we visited a desktop, we also cleaned up the Notes Workspace.
You can also hit the down arrow and highlight the address book you want to get rid of and then just hit the "delete" key. As marilyng says, clean up any references to other databases that might have resided on the old server name and then I would reccomend compacting the workspace by right clicking on any clean area on the workspace and then choose "workspace properties", then click on the secnd tab, (beanie) and click on "compact". This will run a consitency check as well as a compact on the desktop6.ndk(in R6, in R5; desktop.dsk) file in the data directory.
One last thing to do is if you have changed servers then you also need to clear the replication history on any replica that sits on a local client. Else, replication stops and doesn't resume.  If you use something like disktool, then it's easy, you just tell it to switch abc/server to def/server.
Good point, Marilyng. I agree; clear the replication history on any replicas to make replication work without hitches. Good Luck!
tjieAuthor Commented:
1. All of you are smart
2. Thank you.

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