Cannot access internet.

Server 2003 Standard, Static IP Address, I can ping external sites like But cannot connect to the internet.
   I am logged in as administrator, removed the internet security settings for Administrator group in "Add Remove programs-Windows components"
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Is there a firewall or router which could be blocking port 80 (http) between you and the internet or is there a firewall installed and enabled on the server you are using.  Is there a proxy set in the Internet Options section in your web browser?
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
what is your static IP? is it an IP which looks like 192.168.x.x, 172.16.x.x, 10.x.x.x or 169.254.x.x? if so, you must have a firewall/gateway/router between your server and the internet. that should be the point which is possibly preventing you from accessing the net.
dctraxeAuthor Commented:
Thank-you for your replies, There is a firewall. I am using the Xincom Twin router that load balances between a DSL connection and a Cable connection. All other Pc's and the original server can get through the router/ firewall with no problems.
The twin router is set to be a DHCP server and it is assigning addresses 192.168.XXX. 10 - 192.168.XXX.99 Printers I made static starting at 192.168.XXX.100, and the original file server is at 192.168.XXX.200 and works fine.
  I did not see a place in the router to identify static IP's and so far all the statics I assigned are working fine. I can access the original server and other machines on the network, just can't get out to the cloud!
I was wondering if it is a security setting in the Windows software?
There are no proxy servers, and no firewall on the server.
I have to activate Windows on this box within 30 days or Microsoft will send the OS nazis to destroy the network!
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You say you can ping external sites but you cannot "connect to the internet".  Obviously, if you are pinging external sites, like Google, you ARE connected to the internet.

1. Is it web pages that won't load?
2. Since you can't do this on the server, are your workstations able to function fine on the internet connection?
3. Have you run the Internet Connection wizard on the server?
    IE  |  Tools  |  Internet Options  |  Connections  |  Setup

Make sure the "Automatic Discovery" box is checked.....
dctraxeAuthor Commented:
  Thank-you for your comments.
1. Yes it is only web pages that won't load, I can ping outside addresses
2. All other workstations are able to "load a page'" from the internet.
3. I have not run the Internet connection setup yet, although I have checked the properties in Internet explorer and made sure Connections and  LAN settings I have 'Automaticly detect settings' checked.
Thanks for the tip, I'll try....
When you try to open a web page, what error do you get?

Can you also try instead of typing a web page www address, to type the IP address for site to be sure that the DNS is not the problem?

For example:  Instead of typing  type just:   and hit enter.

Does the Yahoo web site come up?



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dctraxeAuthor Commented:
The problem was DNS settings, As I entered them I got a warning about DNS servers on different networks so I failed to add them. Once I did all was well.
Thank-you everyone and especially Loral!
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