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solaris 10 install issues

Hey Gurus!

I'm doing a fresh solaris 10 1/06 install on a HP proliant dl585. The controller card for the SCSI drives requires a driver addition in order for solaris to see the disks during install. I have that disk and get as far as adding the driver but that is where things start to go screwy.

When it asks "select install type" where you can select interactive, text w/ console etc, I select #5 'Apply Driver Updates'. Then I tell it to take the driver update from the floppy--that goes well, I get the messages 'extracting software on floppy' and then 'installing driver update in the miniroot'. Then I choose E for end, and instead of taking me back to the select install type menu, it just goes right into the interactive install.

At the interactive install, it loads X then a 'solaris install console' loads up and gives these error messages : "error occurred during initialization of VM" "coud not reserve enough space for object heap" and "could not create the java virtual machine". Then it says 'starting solaris installation....solaris installation program exited'.

it does open a terminal window. I did format and it is seeing my volume. I can access the miniroot system but I'm unable to figure out how to start or restart the installation in text mode. So I'm pretty much at a dead standstill from here.

Oh, FYI, it's 4 scsi drives in a raid 5 array, w/ 64 gig of ram, and 4 dual core opteron processors, in case that info is needed.

If anyone could help me out that would be great!

Thanks, Sarah
2 Solutions
To avoid any drama, check your hardware against the Solaris Hardware Compatibility List before you start the installation. (eg, CPU, disk controller, NIC, display card etc must be support by Solaris)


then have a look at the following docs:
please read this installation docs:


also have a look at:

More Solaris 10 docs:

And the Good Solaris x86 FAQ:

run 'install-solaris' from your CD/DVD,
read here http://docs.sun.com/app/docs/doc/816-5166/6mbb1kq4q?a=view
this command is also known as 'suninstall' for previous Solaris versions

this will start your installation again
sdcoxAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys! Always appreciate the assistance!
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